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Winning Solutions brings to you WS-provision the latest tool developed on android platform by our highly skilled and proficient team of Software Engineers with the aim to automate your field force as well as get automated solutions from Winning Solutions field team. It is a solution to efficiently monitor your various business operations and to operate smartly in this changing business dynamics. WS-Provision is a multifunctional app that contains numerous features like Real-time data collection and Images Capturing, Audio/Video recording, Geo-fencing, Map plotting through GPS and Barcode Scanning. This best in class application vows fast and efficient methodology with the objective to automate research process, from digitizing your outdoor activities, customized research, sales distribution to automating retail & merchandizing tracking and mystery shopping - all at your fingertips.


Amazing Features

WS-Provision provides you wide number of feature to automate your business

Real-time Data Collection

As a leading developer of mobile data solutions, WS-Provision picks up real time un-editable information and enables you to plot a route of all the activity done by a field force. It picks up GPS Coordinates every minute and plots it on the map which enables you to see a clear activity route of whole day with real time date & time. Moreover it features custom forms, flow login forms, offline data capture, Dropdowns, lists, checkboxes, toggle button, radio buttons, input boxes and comments with Real time GPS location.

AI Facial Recognition Feature

AI has made large strides in recent years. WS-Provision is equipped with AI-Facial Identification technology which is one of the front runner technologies that maps an individuals facial features, capable of identifying and verifying the identification of a person using a digital image. It helps you to track the attendance and presence of your field force in an error-free manner.

AI Audio Transcription

Much of the data in the world isn't in text form. Instead it is in the form of spoken words on Audio/Video recording. The technology of automated transcriptions is constantly evolving and becoming sophisticated with every passing year. It is the transformation of verbal and audio materials into text. WS-Provision is 100% fully automated that provides reliable voice transcription to effectively deliver information in todays data-driven marketplace. It produces text in minutes once the recording is finished, promising accuracy and quality.

Barcode Scanning

Mobile technology has had a beneficial/favorable impact on the retail landscape, arming retailers with cost-effective tools to refine customer experiences and business operations. WS- Provision brings to you Barcode Scanning for retailers to abandon traditional barcode scanners in favor of low-cost, easy-to-use smart devices bringing optimal efficiency to your retail business.


WS-Provision provides a unique, innovative technological tool, Geo-Fencing. Our geo-fence technology allows you to track the presence and the route plan of your field force. It can be used to record the location and its data and every time a salesman enters the fenced area, we would know which shop he is in.

Heat Maping

Bring in the best with WS- Provision's Heat mapping technology. A one of a kind solution that depicts complete movement profiles, territory management and traffic flow analysis. They indicate which areas are your field force is working.

Online Dashboards and Reporting

WS-Audits provides Online Dashboards and Reporting tool to transform traditional reporting to interactive dashboards to get new insights from your diverse business data. A single platform for dash boarding and analytics, collecting, storing data and reporting.

Door to Door Selling

The future is about technology, Winning Solutions brings to you the automated DDS App to reinforce the traditional manual process of door to door selling with technology. Automate your DDS Program, from attendance to forms, to data collection, to territory management, to reporting. The technology is there, and it pays for itself when it comes to the time and effort you're saving.


WS-Provision allows you to create customized trainings and eLearning modules that include voice-over, graphics, animations, skill practice, quizzes, and certificates of completion. Followed with online competitions. Set team-wide targets, encourage collaboration. Gamify your in-store experience intelligently to accomplish key initiatives and take your company to new levels.


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